Why SDG?

Sales Data Generator was developed to provide easy access to the complex healthcare provider market. The days of selling to a clinician face to face, getting an evaluation, and a purchase order to buy are long gone. Many successful companies in the rest of the world still think what works there will translate here. Until they see the acronyms: GPO, IDN, RPC, ASC, VAT, DRG and CPT to name a few. They wonder, when do I get to ROI? Too late; they were bought by HPG; aka HealthTrust.

SDG provides choice:

  • basic logistical data for every hospital in the US
  • Group Purchasing Organization affiliations, Integrated Delivery Network affiliations, and Chief level contacts
  • Contacts to Director level, Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Medicare data and analytics on services, and how they score. Pharmacy/PharmD data
    and more…

Everything you need to understand the relationships between individual clinicians, their hospital affiliations, and the hospitals’ IDN and GPO affiliations. Even suppliers with proven and innovative technologies and services have to follow a process. Sales Data Generator can help save time and effort. SDG can help make the connection. The IDN Summit and HealthCare Links can help you build the relationships.


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